Teaching Science

I’m about to go back into my first science lesson. It’s a pretty standard one, part of what used to be called ‘Transition Science’ to teach kids how science works.

Whenever I approach a lesson the science gives me the content, but then there are three questions about the learning tools to use:

  • What cognitive scaffolds or strategies can we use here?
  • Is there a collaboration opportunity?
  • What is the literacy element?

Being science we are of course doing a prac, a simple one to get kids to measure the size of drops of water. But there’s also:

  1. A brainstorm revision to tell me what they know and how they interact, then organised into a mindmap. (Cognitive scaffold)
  2. A group writeup on large sheets of paper. This is both collaborative and for literacy. It’s a simple way of seeing how they work together, more fun than doing it yourself, supports the weaker kids and allows for some peer tutoring, and more likely to get finished than letting them scribble quietly and secretly in their books!
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