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One hundred and ten minutes is a very, very long time to do science. When doing a prac it’s great, but not even I can manage a prac every single lesson. If I was doing the normal maths/science type load I would split some of the classes to give us a break, but because I’m just helping out I only have straight science. So one hundred and ten minutes it is.

I did my second planned Teamboard experiment today, I set up a simple page with three links on it. We were doing a super quick ‘review year 7 and 8 chemistry in one lesson’ which meant states of matter, the periodic table and elements, and I just happen to know some cool songs that go with that topic. Plus of course the Periodic Table, which is a geeky dream when it comes to patterns and pretty colours.

I suppose I could have opened up all the pages on the computer before class and minimised them. I could have had the links copied and pasted them in. I could even have searched for them in class, what a fun few minutes that would be. And that’s assuming access to a projector or every kid on a computer. Scratch that, can you imagine trying to get every kid to visit the right YouTube video? That’s way more aggravation than a cute song is worth.

But being able to set it up at home, search around and find the right links, save it onto a flashdrive then just switch the computer on? Simple.

Being able to easily show a couple of cute songs and an engaging, large poster in a class that is one hundred and ten minutes long? Priceless.

Sure you have to find the links before if you want to use them, but how is that any different to finding any other resource? In this case it was only a couple of fun breaks but they are still good songs that had a purpose. And having instant access to the right internet page (or any page on your computer) has just increased my resources almost infinitely.

Oh and here are the cute songs 😉

This song is actually most of the Year 9 chemistry course. The kids complained after this one that it was stuck in their heads, so even if they say it’s stupid, it’s doing the job.

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