Graphic Outlines


Another scaffold today, this one a reading scaffold.

Each subject area has its own way of presenting information – reading a science textbook is completely different to reading a novel. Reading in different areas is something that needs to be taught in those areas, not yet another thing the poor English teacher should be picking up. A graphic summary is a great way of introducing a lot of information and showing kids how to pick out the important bits.

It’s very simple – rule columns down the page, given the text we were working from we had four columns for Headings, Sub-headings, Bold and Figures. Then you skim through the section and fill the columns in, but with only one word per line:

graphic summaryYou can see that by the time you finish the whole section you have a really clear summary of the key phrases and how they relate to each other.

After that you can do all sorts of things to play with the information. We turned it into a mindmap using the headings, subheadings and other words as the heirarchy of branches. As we do more on the topic we’ll keep filling in the same map and getting more detail and connections. Instant summary, without all the little joining words that take time to read but don’t really add anything to understanding.

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