Classes in the Park

Cornflour goo

We have a local park in the middle of town that has a barbecue and shelters and is a very popular meeting place. Our school is having regular classes in the park to get more community interaction. We have different classes demonstrating things that families can watch or be involved in, school leaders are there and liaison officers and we run a sausage sizzle. It has been a very successful way of talking to families and showing them what’s going on at school. Cornflour

We’ve had sport, art and now science classes down there. We’ve been doing chemistry this term so we played with cornflour goo, made sherbet, put smarties into potassium chlorate and tried mentos in pepsi.




Potassium chlorate is an oxidising agent. When you add chemical energy, like say a Smartie, it converts it into light and heat. LOTS of light and heat.

As both a teacher and a community member, I highly recommend them. Once you have the logistics organised once they are easy and I think they are a great way of making links.


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Fiona June 12, 2011 at 6:01 pm

“Classes in the Park”…what a terrific idea. Love the photos.


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