I’m Deborah, I’ve been blogging at Science@home about science things to do with babies, toddlers and kids for a couple of years. I’ve always intended to head back into formal education, but on my own terms.

I want to work with teachers to improve teaching, especially in science and indigenous education. I worked in remote schools for eight years and there are special challenges related to the isolation and cultures that can be helped by a different view of education and hopefully the use of new technologies.

I got my Master of Education looking at remote education and issues such as classroom management, social justice, and of course science, I’d love to get a Doctor of Education or Doctor of Teaching some day – I really am an academic at heart.

After a couple of years working in the curriculum area of an education department I’m now in project management, where I get to co-ordinate the design and building of educational programs.

This blog is my journey, about teaching, technology, literacy and any other hobby horses. Enjoy.

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